About Commodious

Commodious Trading Inc. is an international trader and processor specializing in the export of lentils, peas, chickpeas, canary and flax seeds to world markets.  Annually, CTI handles in excess of 25,000mt through our licensed and bonded trading offices near the port of Vancouver and our processing facility in Weyburn, Saskatchewan.   Our market knowledge, operational efficiency, stability, and reputation have allowed us to become the preferred shipper for specialty crop buyers around the world.

We have been challenged by rail and sea, tested by rain and wind, revelled in escalating markets and survived economic collapse.  It is just a regular day at the office after 20 years of trading agriculture.  In 2004 we saw an opportunity to break the corporate mold and stand with our customers and producers to navigate the difficult terrain of the specialty crop business.  In 2008 we proudly added our own processing facility and a highly experienced team that realizes that every lot is as unique as the market that is its final destination.

We are committed to building long term relationships where we work together to meet your expectations.  When you call one of our offices for information, to make a trade, or sell your crops, you can be confident you are connecting with a team working daily to improve our system of delivery.  We strive to improve your competitiveness by anticipating your needs, negotiating lower rates on established freight routes, and provide the first opportunity on special deals.

Together we are strong…