October 2015

India seems to be waking up for Lentils
I hear some troubles in Australia this week
I understand pulses becoming really expensive and reds are the cheapest oneĀ in the market.
red market is getting run up at the grower level this week. up from 35 cents to 38, growers are holding out for 40
up about 14% increase
also, it seems pigeon peas are getting very expensive there.
buyers are coming in around $900 CIF for anything they can get in a Laird #2
growers are starting to get more defensive for all lentils.
in the short term it will be hard to replace anything at lower levels than we have been seeing.
in the longer term, we will need to wait and see if India continues to be aggressive and moving the market up.
the reality will be: even if they do not run the market price up above the current levels, they will drain Canada of all available inventory from growers willing to sell around the 40 cent level.
Reds and Greens. It means the growers waiting to sell in 2016 will be guys looking for 45-50 cents
if they get it or not, who knows. but that is the situation we will need to prepare for.