September 2015

Canadian Specialty Crops are largely in the bin as we cruise into September.   The overall sentiment in the market after some interesting weather events during harvest remains mixed while slumping global commodity markets battle against some commodity shortages.   Bullish sentiment remains for green lentils and canary seed which receive limited competition from other countries.   With most crops starting the year with virtually no carry in prices will remain at the top end of the range until at least early 2016.   Quality is predominantly a mid-two grade with limited amounts of #1’s and 3’s.   Now that grower deliveries are fully underway, we will continue to focus on logistics through November to re-fill our export pipelines.   Red lentils have had their day in the sun for the moment.   Prices are steadily relaxing as profit taking, vessels shipments, and competing production starts to take a larger portion of future market considerations.    There will certainly be some market ups and downs through the crop year, the overall trend is shaping up to be similar to the 2014 crop year where market participants once again face a tight supply and high priced situation going into the fall of 2016.