December 2013

Specialty markets continue to remain in a dull range.   Prices move almost exclusively with changes in the Canadian dollar.

While we all wait to see the results of the ‘Statscan’ stocks report on December 6 to help guide future markets.   Our conversations with producers tells us that:

1) There are good stocks on hand of all commodities.

2) There is a willingness to sell, but not to chase prices below current levels.

3) Almost all immediate cash and space needs of farmers have been dealt with.

4) Weaker grain markets have had their effect on dampening current price expectations for specialties.

5) Future wheat and canola markets in January will have a big impact on producers decisions to sell.

6) 2014 demand is a big question mark.   Everyone is hoping that it will continue at a reasonable pace with India and China leading the way.

With demand remaining low through December, I expect markets to remain status quo though the middle of January.   Then we should see where buyers and sellers start coming back to the table.

Best Regards,   Dave